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Debbie Urbanski is a writer living in Syracuse, New York. Her work focuses on aliens, marriage, cults, belief, and family, or some combination of those themes. 



“The Pleasure Exercises” (reprint),  See the Elephant, forthcoming 
“How To Find a Portal,” Lightspeed, forthcoming late 2017
“For You” & “There Was Once This Woman Who, at Dawn, Trespassed Across the Sand,” Room, forthcoming 2017
“Verb (Usually Used With Object),” Gargoyle, forthcoming September 2017 
“LK-32-C,” The Kenyon Review, forthcoming May/June, 2017
“You Can Go Away Now,” Juked, forthcoming April 2017 
“A List of Utopias,” The Sun, April 2017
“Too Many Dragons,” Spider Magazine via Cricket Media (for kids 6-9), March 2017 
“On the Problem of Replacement Children: Prevention, Coping, and Other Practical Strategies,” Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2017 (an interview with me about this story)
“Two Moons,” The Sun, December, 2016
“The Thread,” Cicada, November, 2016
“Safe,” Epoch, Fall 2016
“The Return,” Terraform, September 2016*
“My Son Doesn’t Smile for Photos,” Motherwell, September 2016* (reprinted on The Mighty)
“When They Came To Us,” The Sun, August 2016
“16 Definitions of Like (Plus One Aside),” Cicada, July/August 2016
“Why I Stopped Reading Parenting Books,” Brain, Child, June 2016*
“Over There,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2016 (a novella!)
“9 Compensations for Sleeplessness,” Orion, May 2016*
“The Sixth To Last Human Chat Ever Recorded,” Terraform / Motherboard, April 2016*
“The Partner,” Highlights Magazine, May 2016
“The Portal,” The Sun, March 2016
“Better,” Penny, March 2016 online*, in print July 2016
“A Primer on Separation,” Interfictions, Fall 2015* (nice review here!) (Notable story, storySouth Million Writers Award)
“The Last Poem I Loved: On Turning Ten, by Billy Collins,” The Rumpus, September 2015*
“Homesick,” Terraform / Motherboard, September 2015* 
“That’s How Some People Are,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2015
“Sundown,” Cicada, March/April 2015 (my first YA sale – whoo-hoo!)
“Someone Like You,” Michigan Quarterly Review, Spring 2015
“Four Examples of How To Lose Your Child,” Day One (Amazon), March 2015
“Re-homing,” Terraform / Motherboard, January 2015*
“Touch,” Interfictions,  2014* (one of io9’s best stories of the week)
Review of Ozma of Oz at HTMLGIANT, October 2014*
“Away,” Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science, August 2014*
“Settlement,” Massachusetts Review, Vol. 55, No. 3, 2014 
“Devotion,” Southern Review, Autumn 2014 (listen to an excerpt)
“Not Like What You Said,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter 2014 (read nice review on Ploughshare’s blog) (another nice review from Alaska Dispatch News)
“A Bridge To You,” Necessary Fiction, May 2014* (read a cool review of this story)
“The Reason for All My Sounds,” Kenyon Review, Spring 2014
“Subtraction,” Five Chapters, March 2014*
“Willing,” Midwestern Gothic, Spring 2014 / Issue 13 
“The Pleasure Exercises,” Confrontation, Spring 2014 / Issue 115
“Memorabilia,” Membrane, 2014
“Some Time Away,” Tin House Open Bar, March 2014*
“None of It Was a Hoax,” Monkeybicycle, 2014*
 “Distance,” joylandmagazine.com and Joyland Retro, 2013*
“Apocalypse as Utopia: On Marlen Haushofer’s The Wall,” NER Digital, 2012*
“Wonder,” Interzone, 2012
“Protest,” Santa Monica Review, 2012
“Once There Was a Wondering Boy,” Indiana Review, 2012
“The Move,” New England Review, 2011 (appearing on Litragger*) 
“Taken,” The Southern Review, 2010
“Provenance,” Alaska Quarterly Review, 2009
“Want,” Natural Bridge, 2007
“The Confession of Adelaide the Great,” Gulf Coast, 2007
“The Circus Woman Who Is Discussing Someone Else’s Idea of Temptation,” Verse Daily / Backwards City Review2006 (this is a poem–I used to write poems!)*
“The Life of Alice Peters, as Told by Herself, the Blessed Alice Peters,”The Sun, 2003
*entire story is online


Residencies / Fellowships / Awards

Honorable mention, Glimmer Train’s Family Matters story contest, 2016 (for “Are You Ready To Go”)
Notable story, storySouth Million Writers Award, 2016 (for “A Primer on Separation”)
Winner, Highlights for Children Fiction Magazine Contest, 2015
Finalist, the Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing, 2015
Finalist, Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction for my manuscript of stories That’s How Some People Are, 2014
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts residency, September 2014
Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts residency, May 2014 
Story chosen for New Stories from the Midwest 2013 (New American Press), featuring the 20 best stories published that year and set in the Midwest
Distinguished story of the year, Best American Mystery Stories, 2011