Reading The Testaments (Margaret Atwood) was so pleasurable and so fun; it was like reading a political Treasure Island. Aunt Lydia becomes so complex, so frighteningly relatable.

The audio from the NYU Rona Jaffe reading is online! I'm reading along with Selena Anderson, Sarah Passino, Nicolette Polek, and Elizabeth Schambelan.

I have a new story in the Summer/Fall 2019 issue of the Alaska Quarterly Review! It is a fabulous issue with an amazing photographic essay collaboration by Nancy Lord and Irene Owsley.

I'm giving a reading 9/13 7:30 p.m. at NYU's Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House with the 5 other Rona Jaffe Writer's Award women.

I feel like The Wallcreeper (Nell Zink) and Motherhood (Sheila Heti) are having a fascinating book conversation with each other about a woman's place in the contemporary world. Highly recommended to read them back to back!

I've been selected to receive a 2019 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award!!!

The top of Mt. Haystack in the Adirondacks is an excellent and windy place to read The Impostor (by Javier Cercas, translated by Frank Wynne).

Reservoir 13 is an amazing book, please read it!