A story about a spider

by Stella, 4-3/4 years old

stella telling a story

Stella is the storyteller in our family. She loves to reside in what her more literal brother calls “Stella’s imagination world.” This is one of the stories she told me recently.

“Once upon a time there was a spider and he said oh I could go and sting somebody, so he went and stung a poor girl that hurt herself and she cried, more blood dripping out, so much so she had to go the hospital. It’s a little sad sorry. It’s a little sad.”

“Was she okay?”  I asked.

“No she had to go to the hospital.”

“Was she hurt badly?”

“It was something that hurt her badly, blood was dripping all over her. It was a big spider. She stepped on it. That’s why he stinged her. And he flies. He flies.”

“It’s a flying spider?”

“Uh huh. Can you do it? One of the spiders, he’s a little different than one of the spiders. I’m still hungry.”

“What happened to the little girl after she got to the hospital?”

“They said oh you’re dripping out of your eyes. And then they wiped it off my eyes but then it came down again. It was already on her finger so they put a nice tall bandaid on her finger. The end. It’s just a short story.”

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