Six updates!

I’m hoping to have a new web site soon (soon being within the next year), but in the meantime, I should probably post several updates. 

#1. I really love Greenpeace videos. In particular, these two below that I came across while researching a new story. I love that the first video and its accompanying campaign convinced Lego to stop incorporating Shell branded merchandise with their sets. 

#2. I have a new interview up with The Sun

#3. I am loving the book Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America. The beginning of it reads like a gripping horror novel only the story is true. It feels like a book everyone should read. 

#4. I do not think what happened in the season 4 finale of The Magicians should have happened. I kind of agree with this essay (which contains spoilers). 

#4b. On the other hand, I think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended brilliantly — a riff on rom-coms + mental illness that ends with the lead happy and healthy and in love with her community of friends but not in a romantic relationship. I loved that show. Such smart commentary on storytelling and romantic tropes. One of my favorite songs from the show: The End of the Movie. I just relistened the lyrics and now I must quote them at length because they are so good and so true and capture my feelings toward traditional narrative plots these days. “But real life isn’t a movie/ No, no, no/ You want things to be wrapped up neatly/ The way that stories do/ You’re looking for answers/ But answers aren’t looking for you / Because life is a gradual series of revelations / That occur over a period of time / It’s not some carefully crafted story / It’s a mess, and we’re all gonna die / If you saw a movie that was like real life / You’d be like, “What the hell was that movie about? / It was really all over the place.” / Life doesn’t make narrative sense.” 

#5. My once-reluctant-reader daughter is now cruising through books! She is so proud, and I am so proud. She has the sweetest smile on her face when she tells me she finished another book. I am grateful to The Warrior cat series for helping her love reading chapter books and for Neal Shusterman’s Everlost books for the same reason. 

#6. I’ve had a few stories published recently: Games to Play at the End of the Anthropocene,” Terraform; “You,” The Sun (I really love this story – it feels like creative non-fiction to me on a lot of levels, even though daughters are growing wings in the piece); “The Glassblower’s Wife,” The Southern Review (Winter 2019); “What Will You Save Today?” The Sun; “You Are Our Witness,” The Sun; and “How To Kiss A Hojacki,” Fantasy & Science Fiction. Plus a kids story about stink bugs and dragons in the latest issue of Spider. 

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